True love – Hang on to that love.

Love can be so hard to explain. It’s just a mutual feeling that one experiences after giving out the heart to someone else; someone you can’t do or live without.

When it comes to love, it doesn’t recognize any barriers. In life, if you feel for someone, unleash your feelings and hang on to that love. Make a perfect love since true love is the beginning of a fabulous, glamorous romantic affectionate life, the end of loneliness.

Absolutely, we marry  someone we can’t live without to hold on until death separates. Marrying someone you can’t live without always brings abundant blessings and happiness in your life. No sorrow will dominate your life, happiness will always prevail, exist and cultivate love, joy and happiness in you. So, when you are in love, make sure you share, give all enough of your love inorder to get reciprocated the same.

Love unites two strange souls and bodies into one soul from friendship which has caught unstoppable fire. This pure love makes both parties experience and feel sunshine from both sides. Being in love and experiencing deep loving, gives you strength and courage to live a precious life.
Love is sometimes quiet. When it knocks at your door, don’t lock it off; welcome it.

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