Winning a person’s heart is always the hardest test so far in life. Due to this, most people use fake identity to get what they want.

Total lies plays a big impact in the love tales scenarios. Everyone wants to win not to lose the game and due to that they are ready to feed you with all the wrong information and lame promises just to win your heart. Some even end up building castles in the air, just to conquer your heart with complete lies. Once you get swallowed by their lies, you automatically end up in their manipulation puppet world where you will be switched on and off according to their wish. It’s after marriage, that one opens up his/her eyes to find out that all were just lame promises which had no potential basis. When one finds out that what he/she thought it was, it isn’t, violence erupt.

Such act is so hard to detect since many will blind fold you by hiring cars and drive in their names, hiring the friend’s house just to have good moments with you, hiring even their friends Sunday best clothes and shoes to win your heart.

Don’t let yourself be blind folded in love as this might cost you a lot in life. Incase of engagement by such won’t make a happy marriage but violence. It’s better to marry a person the way he/she is, even if poor, than marrying illusions and live with empty dreams.

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